It’s not fish but

Catch of the day: Toonish original

Toonish 2.0

Available in stores & restaurants

Toonish Original is our plant-based tuna. Toonish is high in protein, gluten & soy free and super delicious. Just defrost and add to your fresh salad, sandwich our pasta.

Toonish is available in the frozen section in retail stores. It is also served at restaurants in everything from toasts and burgers to poké bowls and salads. Enjoy your favorite food with your new source of protein.

Made of RTRS certified soy and wheat protein, sunflower oil and algae

Cooking with Hooked

100% Plant based fish

For the oceans…

The difference between fish and Hooked is minimal for you, but immense for life in water, the oceans and the future. We invite you to the not so fishy movement towards oceans full of life and mouth-watering seafood without the catch! Welcome onbord!

And for your health

Hooked develops products that are like seafood, but harmless. Both to the planet and to our health. We work hard on making sure our plant-based seafood has all the health benefits of traditional seafood while certainly excluding all the heavy metals and microplastics.