Toonish Curry


Toonish Curry is a ready-to-eat mix that goes perfect on a toast, in a wrap, baguette, salad or baked potato. Our Toonish mixed with curry, herbs, spices and paprika makes this one a true must-have in the fridge!

Toonish 40% (water, vegetable protein (wheat, soy), sunflower oil, starch (wheat, potatoes) vinegar, natural aroma), salt, algae, apple extract, beetroot powder, pepper extract), vegan mayonnaise (rapeseed oil, water, wine vinegar, sugar, salt, stabilisers (E415, E1450), preservatives (E202), spices), red pepper, leek, parsley, apple, concentrated lemon juice, curry 1,3% (turmeric, coriander, fennel, cumin, black pepper, fenugreek seeds, cayenne pepper), salt, black pepper, preservatives (E202, E211).

Nutritional values per 100g

Energy 319 kcal
Fat 29.5 g
Of which saturates 1.44 g
Carbohydrate 6.28 g
Of which sugars 0.94 g
Protein 7.82 g
Salt 1.21 g