Meet Bob

He is super popular, but not always in a good way. Did you know that we are eating so much fish that Bob and the ocean are severely threatened? Isn't that crazy? Poor popular Bob. Did you also know that the ocean creates 50-80% of the oxygen we breathe? So no Bob, means no us..

Wanna know how to save Bob?

Like Seafood, but harmless

Hooked started when Tom asked Emil “What if we could create an alternative to seafood that has great taste, all the good nutrients but is produced more sustainably?” Turns out we could, and we did. Our mission is to lead the transition to a healthier seafood ecosystem, through making mouth-watering seafood available for everyone to enjoy. 100% plant-based.

Protecting the fish that's left!

Nearly 90% of the fish population is fully exploited and in crisis. Still, the fishing industry increases their catch every year and is estimated to increase another 30% the next 10 years.

The fish stocks are decreasing every year and when the global demand for seafood increases, life in oceans will simply disappear if we don't change our diet.


Fishing nets, ropes and lines dumped into the ocean currently make 46% of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

We <3 dolphins!

About 40% of the fish caught worldwide is unintentionally caught by the huge fishing nets - and is partly thrown back into the sea, either dead or dying.

This is called bycatch and each year, as many as 50 million sharks and over 300 000 whales and dolphins are killed as a result of it.

Plant-based seafood keeps the dolphins and the other animals in the ocean, where they belong <3


No more mercury in our bodies

At the same time, pollution has led to higher levels of heavy metals and microplastics in our oceans, which get into the seafood we eat.

We do our best to include all the health benefits as found in traditional seafood in our products, but completely without the mercury, plastic and toxics.

Saving Bob!

So… what if we could save Bob and his friends by creating something new? Not fish, but fish..ish. The delicious fish experience, packed with protein. That excludes all the heavy metals and microplastics. And puts no further pressure on our seas.

We invite you to Hooked, the new generation of seafood. 100% plant-based!

Let's ride the wave of change!

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