At Hooked, we are playful and have tons of fun but to create a healthier marine ecosystem is our deepest purpose so let’s get a bit more serious for one second.

Meet Bob!

He is super popular, but not in a good way. Did you know that we are eating so much fish that Bob and his friends are about to go extinct? Isn’t that crazy? Poor popular Bob.

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net twirls

The consumption of seafood has increased rapidly the past decades and is estimated to increase another +30% the next ten years. This is worrying since the supply of seafood is very limited and fragile both from wild harvest and fish farms.


In wild harvest, nearly 90% of the world’s fish stocks are fully exploited which is why overfishing is threatening species and full marine ecosystems to die. In fish farms the capacity is now so maximized and dense that we need pesticides to keep them clean. These pesticides combined with large amounts of faeces and the high carbon footprint is harming our oceans.


At the same time we have higher levels of mercury and microplastics in our oceans which gets into our seafood and then into our bodies which affects our health.


So… what if we could create a new Bob that is free from all this badness? Not fish, but fish..ish. You get the delicious fish experience packed with protein but without the mercury the overfishing and the badness. We invite you to the not so fishy movement where we sea things differently. We offer plant-based seafood that is good to our oceans and our health.


Get onboard with us and ride the wave of change!

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