So how does our Hooked Toonish actually taste? Don’t trust our word, trust the amazing chef Gustav from Jävligt Gott! Relax, lean back and watch Gustav and the chefs from Mahalo create some magic cooking the mouth-watering Hooked Toonish Sandwich. Available to try now at Mahalo’s restaurants in Stockholm. Ha-Toonish Matata!


"It is pretty crazy when you are eating something that you have not eaten in 15 years." – Gustav, Jävligt gott


"It is not only like tuna taste-wise but also nutrition-wise. This feeds you, it is healthy, no mercury and it is great for the climate" – Gustav, Jävligt gott


"Fish has a more significant climate footprint than what many people know" – Cornelia, Founder of Mahalo


"It is very similar to real tuna texture-wise. Honestly if someone put this in front of me, I would not think that it is not real tuna." – Kristin, Chef at Mahalo


Jävligt Gott is the biggest vegan food blog in Sweden. In the blog, Gustav Johansson, writes about what he believes is really tasty food and his attempts to cook it. Here you can find recipes, cooking tips and restaurant reviews and some personal thoughts about food. Of course, all recipes are cooked without meat, otherwise they wouldn’t be so tasty.


Mahalo was founded in 2015 with a passion to cook, eat and serve plant-based food. To be creative and work with good raw materials and discover new exciting flavours is something that is close to their hearts. All their food is made from lots of love for the environment, the animals and their dear guests. They have two restaurants in Stockholm, one located in Vasastan and one in Södermalm.

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