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Why should you consider seafood alternatives? Did you know that according to GFI Europe, almost half of European flexitarians want more plant-based options?

And many believe not enough options are available – and they’re right. Don’t be the restaurant that gets passed up for a lack of options! 

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Give your consumers more plant-based seafood alternatives by adding Hooked to your menu. We have Toonish and Salmoonish currently available for restaurants.

If you're not quite sure how you would add our products to your menu -- get in touch! We have a series of recipes we can share.

A closeup of two square pastries with Toonish tomat, kale, and pomegranate seeds.

1 tuna fish is saved for every 4 kg of Toonish sold, given that it replaces the same amount of tuna. CO2 emissions are reduced by 3,36 kg compared to tuna for every kilo Toonish. Your restaurant can be part of that change by giving your customers an option to go plant-based.

And that's just for Toonish. We also now have Salmoonish available for restaurants. Get in touch with us and we can keep you in the loop! For more information about the impact of Toonish, you should check out our Transparency page.

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We do our best to shout out anyone who decides to get Hooked, but if you currently sell Hooked products and you aren’t on our Stores & Restaurants page, please let us know at hello@hookedfoods.com

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