Why should you consider seafood alternatives? Did you know that according to GFI Europe, almost half of European flexitarians want more plant-based options?

And many believe not enough options are available – and they’re right. Don’t be the restaurant that gets passed up for a lack of options!


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Give your consumers more plant-based seafood alternatives by adding Hooked to your menu. We have Toonish and Salmoonish currently available for restaurants

If you’re not quite sure how you would add our products to your menu — get in touch! We have a series of recipes we can share.


Plant-based sushi? Reko Sushi Case Study

Magnus from Reko Sushi holding a bag of Salmoonish.

With multiple locations across Skåne, REKO has chosen to lead the way in providing vegan sushi options for its customers. Chef Magnus Wallin explains what drives him to used Hooked at REKO:

“Thirteen years ago, when I started my first restaurant, vegan options were almost unheard of. We were among the first to try making vegan sushi taste really good. Not because we had to, but because we really wanted to spoil vegans and vegetarians with really good sushi as well.”

“I really enjoy what I do for a living. I love sushi, and I hope to be able to continue enjoying it for a long time. I think we will have a hard time eating, especially sushi, the way that we do today, in a couple of years. The oceans and the planet as a whole will be a mess. We don’t want that.”

“Making good choices with your food is a great way to start. Eating smarter shouldn’t compromise in flavor, and it doesn’t have to. We just need great chefs and entrepreneurs to provide us with good produce, and smart ways of serving it. Hooked and Reko is a perfect example!”

Regarding sustainability in the restaurant industry, Magnus says:

“Customers are demanding better choices all over the board. Restaurants are no exception. Sustainability is really important to your average customer, so even though not all entrepreneurs are super passionate about sustainability and the climate, I think they will be forced to make a change. Otherwise people will stop consuming their products.”


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