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  • Bob


    Head of Purpose

  • Tom Johansson

    Tom Johansson


  • Emil Wasteson

    Emil Wasteson


  • Peter Liu

    Peter Liu


  • Monika Werthén

    Monika Werthén


  • Alice Moradian

    Alice Moradian

    Marketing Manager

  • Marcin Duminski

    Marcin Duminski

    Head of Supply

  • Andreas Vinteryd

    Andreas Vinteryd

    Head of Growth

  • Cecilia Nyquist

    Cecilia Nyquist

    Social Media & Sustainability Manager

  • Sofia Ek

    Sofia Ek

    Head of Brand & Product

  • Alma Lodin

    Alma Lodin

    Office & Mood Manager

  • Kelly Materna

    Kelly Materna

    Food Scientist

  • Nina Kosten

    Nina Kosten

    Food Scientist

  • Hugo Bodinson

    Hugo Bodinson

    Key Account Manager Retail

  • Sofia Lindbergson

    Sofia Lindbergson

    People Manager

  • Joakim Bergman

    Joakim Bergman

    Logistics & IT Manager  

  • Mursalin Sajib

    Mursalin Sajib

    Plant Manager

  • Sara Mehany

    Sara Mehany

    Trade Markering Manager

  • Julija Arcisevskaja

    Julija Arcisevskaja


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